Center Overview

Welcome to the Laser Biomedical Research Center, a NIBIB-supported Biomedical Technology Resource Center, providing integrative photonic solutions to complex problems in biological research, pharmaceutical development, and medical diagnosis.

Building on the strengths of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wellman Center for Photomedicine at MGH, and John Hopkins University in engineering, physical, and biological sciences, the LBRC runs a successful Technology Research and Development (TRD) program focusing on developing biomedical imaging and diagnostic technologies based on fluorescent, interferometric, and vibronic spectroscopies. The TRD efforts also incorporate new direction focusing on the development of nanoscale probe toolkit for biomedical applications. Equally important, the center maintains a diverse array of Collaborative and Service research projects in diverse areas ranging from cancer biology, cardiology, neurobiology, stem cell biology to infectious and blood diseases.

National Institutes of Health Grant Number: 5P41EB015871