Technology Research & Development

The technology research and development (TRD) program of LBRC has evolved over the past 30 plus years in line with the research focus of investigators leading the center. During the last cycle, the LBRC provided photonic-technology solutions to biomedical problems under the leadership of Dr. Peter So - an expert in nonlinear optical microscopy, spectroscopy, and interferometric imaging, Dr. Ramachandra Dasari - an expert in Raman spectroscopy and the co-director of LBRC since its inception, and Dr. Moungi Bawendi - an expert in quantum dot technologies and their applications in biomedical imaging. To better serve the needs of biomedical community, the LBRC has greatly expanded its expertise by recruiting four additional principle investigators: Dr. Gabriela Schlau-Cohen who is an expert in single molecule biophysics and ultrafast spectroscopy, Dr. Ishan Barman from the Depts. of MechE and Oncology at John Hopkins University and an expert in spontaneous Raman spectroscopy, Dr. Conor Evans from the Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital with experrise in nonlinear vibrational microscopy and photodynamic therapy, and Dr. Zahid Yaqoob who has served LBRC for the past cycle as a Senior Research Scientist and core leader of the interferometric microscopy TRD.

The four main technology research areas and their lead investigators are the following:

While the direction of the above TRDs are partly motivated by the research needs of our biomedical collaborators, the successful development of novel photonics technologies also leads to new biomedical research directions for our collaborators. Importantly, many of these photonic technology developments are general and can be applied broadly in many biomedical research fields. Last but not the least, we also see that the research and development activities within these TRDs are synergistic, such that the sum is greater than the parts.