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News and Events

Professor Gabriel Popescu, a former colleague in the Spectroscopy Laboratory at MIT and a dear friend, dies on June 16
Gabi was the William L. Everitt Distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the founder of Phi Optics. Prior to joining UIUC, Gabi worked with late Professors Michael Feld and Ramachandra Dasari in the Spectroscopy Laboratory from 2002-2007. Read more>>

UIUC remembers Professor Gabriel Popescu
Gabriel Popescu, the William L. Everitt Distinguished Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, died on June 16, 2022, while visiting his hometown Prundu, Romania. Read more>>

Spring MOS seminars (online)

April 05: Noon - 1:30PM
Brillouin microscopy for cell and tissue biomechanics by Giuliano Scarcelli, University of Maryland
Zoom Link
Password: 654362

April 12: Noon - 1:30PM
Single-molecule orientation localization microscopy: Visualizing molecular organization at the nanoscale by Matthew D. Lew, Washington University in St. Louis
Zoom Link
Password: 887819

April 19: Noon - 1:30PM
Resolving conformational coupling across the membrane bilayer of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor with single-molecule spectroscopy by Shwetha Srinivasan, Massachusetts Instititute of Technology
Zoom Link
Password: 337483

April 26: Noon - 1:30PM
Radioactive atoms and molecules for fundamental science by Ronald Garcia Ruiz, Massachusetts Instititute of Technology
Zoom Link
Password: 398441

May 03: Noon - 1:30PM
Exciton-driven dynamic symmetry changes and concerted lattice distortions in perovskite quantum dots by Aaron M. Lindenberg, Stanford University
Zoom Link
Password: 836631