Vibrational Spectroscopy for Biomedical Applications

One of the primary components of LBRC research has been the development of vibrational spectroscopy and imaging technologies for the diagnosis of diseases including diabetes, atherosclerosis and breast cancer. Three big topics in this core are the following:

  1. Spectroscopic tissue diagnosis [1-5] LBRC pioneered applying optical spectroscopy to human tissues. From diffuse reflectance, intrinsic fluorescence and Raman spectroscopies, disease states of tissues can be monitored through optical fiber probe or imaging device. We are expanding the technique to new clinical applications including middle ear disease diagnosis and tissue identification.
  2. Monitoring cell status and cell-drug interactions [6-8]. Custom-built Raman + QPM system has been successfully applied to various applications. We can monitor morphology as well as chemical composition from live cells without staining. This provides ideal platform to investigate cell status and cell-drug interactions. LBRC is currently improving the speed and resolution of the system for more demanding applications.
  3. Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring by Raman spectroscopy [9-13] LBRC has pioneered the use of NIR Raman spectroscopy for this important diagnostic problem that combines the substantial penetration depth of NIR light with the excellent chemical specificity of Raman spectroscopy. Based on the promising results of small scale volunteer studies, LBRC is currently conducting large scale human study as well as improving the instrument.

Ongoing Projects

  1. Development of live cell assay using SERS [PDF]
  2. Spectroscopic diagnosis of middle ear diseases [PDF]
  3. Chemical profiling for theranostics applications [PDF]
  4. White adipose tissue inflammation
  5. Spectroscopy-guided needle procedure

Background Publications

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