Technology Research and Development (TRD)

[Collage of pictures of LBRC researchers with instruments]

The technology research and development (TRD) program of LBRC has evolved over the past 25 years in line with the research focus of investigators leading the center. Currently, the three main technology research areas and their lead investigators are the following:

  • (TRD1) Fluorescence instrumentation (So) and probes (Bawendi),
  • (TRD2) Phase-resolved spectroscopy and imaging (Yaqoob & So), and
  • (TRD3) Raman spectroscopy (Dasari).

The direction of the TRDs are partly motivated by biomedical research needs of our collaborators. Conversely, the successful development of these photonics technologies also leads to new biomedical research directions for our collaborators. Importantly, many of these photonic technology developments are “general” and can be applied broadly in many biomedical research fields. We also see that the development activities within these TRDs are synergistic, such that “the sum is greater the parts.”

  1. TRD1: Fluorescence Instrument and Probe
  2. TRD2: Phase-resolved Spectroscopy and Imaging
  3. TRD3: Raman Spectroscopy